Remodelling Is An Investment

Over the years, I have helped clients remodel spaces in their homes. Many have been avid watchers of HGTV. I love HGTV and watch it regularly myself. However, when working beth site4with clients on remodeling a space, I often hear, “It’s going to cost how much?!!” And, “It will take how long?!!” Remodeling any space is an investment and not for the faint of heart. What you see on HGTV is not realistic in money spent and time needed.  Please keep that in mind if you are considering taking on a remodeling project. What you do not see and what you are not told is that there are sponsors who pay for a large portion of the cost of the projects and the contractors have workers on the job around the clock to get the project finished quickly.So, let’s dive in and get a realistic look at what remodeling a space actually involves in both time and money.

How Much Will It Cost? Depending on the space you are renovating, costs can range from $15,000-$60,000, or even more. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most commonly renovated spaces with basements not far behind. When you are planning a renovation, it is in your best interest to have a budget. Consider carefully exactly how much you have to spend on the project. Next, consider your taste. If you love high end products but cannot afford them then look at products that are less expensive but still give you the look you are going for. It can be done. When you are given the cost for your remodel project I think it is wise to add 10%-20% MORE to your budget for any unforeseen problems such as a subfloor needing replacing. Many people do not consider problems that may lie under floors or behind walls. When you are doing a remodeling project you want it done right and any problems corrected.

How Long Will It Take? The size and extent of the project will determine how long it will take. If you are gutting your kitchen and starting over it could take several months. A small bathroom could only take several weeks. So, you need to prepare yourself for the disruption in your home. There will be a contractor, plumber, electrician, painter and more. Plus, dust. Keeping these things in mind will ease the stress you will feel during the project. Be realistic, a master bathroom remodel will not be completed in two weeks. Ideally, to have all items ordered and in the house with the exception of countertops would be great. This way, the contractor has everything he needs and there should be very few delays. However, this takes organization and preparation on your part or the part of your interior designer.

Invest In An Interior Designer My final piece of advice when preparing to remodel a space in your home would be to invest in an interior designer. An interior designer regularly works on remodel projects. He/she can save you time and money! They will find product choices for you within your budget, coordinate delivery and installation of items and make the job run smoothly. An interior designer’s job is to do the work for you therefore decreasing your stress level. It is definitely money well spent.

So, if you are thinking about starting a remodeling project, take a deep breath and dive in!

Until next time, Beth