How To Redecorate Your Half Bath

Fall has officially begun and I am in hopes that the weather will soon turn cooler here in Atlanta. As the weather is cooling outside let’s turn inside and talk about how to redecorate a half bath. Most of us have a half bath, a small powder room, that is used by guests. Many times it sits forgotten when it comes to decorating. But a powder room is a great place to add a splash of bold color or do something unexpected. So, let’s dive in.  






How To Add Color To A Powder Room:

Let’s look at how to add color to a powder room. The easiest way to do this is to add color to the walls. Personally, I love wallpaper in a small bath. It is a great way to add  impact and because the room is small you will not have to spend a fortune. This is actually where you may want to splurge. Below are several patterns.





If wallpaper is not something that you want to deal with then choose a fun paint color. Your half bath could be red, navy blue, lavender or any color in between. Here are several fun colors:







Adding Fixtures To A Powder Room:

Now that the walls are taken care of you can build on that. Do you need to add a new sink? What type of sink will it be? Pedestal or a cabinet sink? There are a wide variety of options in a variety of price ranges. What is your preference? Find what appeals to you within your budget.

You now have the sink and  it’s time to think about hardware in the form of faucets, towel holder, etc. I personally love the look of oil rubbed bronze but you can use gold, chrome or brushed nickel.








All of these faucets can be found at Signature Hardware. You can find faucets and towel holders numerous other places as well. Check out Wayfair, Home Depot and  Faucet Direct just to name a few.

Now that all of the essentials are in place it is time to find fun accessories. Add a beautiful mirror, soap holder, towels, and possibly even a candle. There is no limit on what you can do to add beauty and style to your powder room. Your only limit is your creativity. So now you are ready to get started redecorating your half bath.


Until next time, happy decorating!