The Perfect Bar Cart

As the weather begins to cool, our thinking begins to shift to the holidays. Now is the perfect time to begin planning for entertaining. Preparing now will save you stress later. One thing you might want to consider is purchasing, if you do not already own one, is a bar cart to hold all of your beverage items when friends arrive. It is good to have beverage items in one place so that you don’t have to worry about finding them when they are needed. This is particularly helpful for when friends drop in unexpectedly. Bar Carts of All Shapes and Sizes Bar carts have become very popular again and can be found in many stores. There is great variety to match your taste as well as compliment the room in which it will be found. Bar carts can be made from metal, glass, wood or even acrylic. Whatever your taste there will be one made to your liking.


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Grandin Road They also come in a range of prices to suit your budget.







Add Your Beverage Itemsworld-market Now that you have your beverage cart, it is time to fill it with your items. You may want to include wine and martini glasses as well as other types of glassware. An ice bucket and tongs are also helpful. You may also want to include a martini shaker. I enjoy putting out fun napkins. And, don’t forget your favorite beverages. You can also add decorative items to your cart. It always adds beauty and interest. Consider adding candles or a picture taken during a special vacation. Even items related to specific holiday add interest and fun.


Ready, Set, Entertain Now that you have a beautiful bar cart and it is fully stocked it is time to entertain. Invite several close friends over for cocktails and enjoy each other’s company. Spending time with family and friends is always special. Take time during the upcoming holiday season to enjoy those that are special to you. Relax and enjoy!



  The above bar cart is one that I suggested to a client. The samovar is a treasured family piece and holds center stage on this modern bar cart. You will also find new wine glasses and a martini shaker. It is a seamless mix of old and new. They go together beautifully. I hope this has inspired you to turn a special corner of your home into a beverage area. This is a wonderful way to welcome family and friends into your home. Until next time, Beth