The Value of Hiring an Interior Designer

As I have decided to start a blog, I thought that it would be most appropriate to begin with discussing the value of hiring an interior designer. What I am finding is that people who have never worked with an interior designer before find it difficult to justify the cost. Long gone are the days where only the rich and famous used interior designers. Today, people of all budgets are finding that by using an interior designer it is saving them time, money and headaches. So, let’s explore the true value of hiring an interior designer!


As strange as it sounds, hiring someone to decorate your home will actually save you money. Many see a designer’s fee as an additional cost, however, hiring an interior designer will help you avoid costly mistakes that will in the end save you money and increase the value of your home.


A designer can give you a professional assessment of your situation, that will lead to a solid plan of action. A design plan is key in determining what can be repurposed or what should be edited. A designer offers an extra set of eyes and is trained to see things that you may not.


A good interior designer will keep you on budget plus save you time and effort. Interior designers know where to go for resources for everything in your home.  This will save you a great deal of time and energy researching products, brands and prices.


Designers have the ability to build strong bridges between your architect or contractor early on. They are able to head off any design catastrophes in your overall plan. This is critical in saving both time and money. Designers are trained to think about things that most homeowners overlook.


Interior designers have access to resources, connections and general merchandise that is not available to the general public. They have the ability to make any space look unique and pulled together.


Designers have many home improvement industry contacts. They are able to save homeowners both time and headaches when trying to identify contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc. for their projects.


Designers can give you the “Wow Factor” you are looking for. They are trained to think spatially and see the overall picture. They have the ability to visualize the finished space.


A designer can potentially add a great deal to the aesthetic of your home, which can in turn, lead to increased showings. This has the potential to speed up the sale of your home.


Designers have a trained eye to tell you if there is something right or wrong with a space. Having an immediate consult is a major advantage when making aesthetic decisions.


Interior design is both a skill and an art that will only enhance the space and quality of your life in that space. Hiring a professional makes your house a home. The designer will help you tell your visual story. This is probably one of the best reasons to hire an interior designer.