Designing A Master Bedroom

I think most everyone would like a luxurious master bedroom. A place, where, at the end of the day you go to rest and rejuvenate. So, whether you have just moved into a new house or you have been in your home for years and just need a change, there are several things to keep in mind.

First, and most importantly, determine your budget! This will help you prioritize what needs to be done and how much will need to be spent to do it. Be realistic. If you have expensive taste but do not have a large amount to spend then determine where you can cut costs.

Next, take a good long look at the room. Are there any architectural features that stand out? More than anything a coat of paint can change the feel of your master bedroom. Do you want a cool color like a pale blue or apricot? Cool colors help to relax you. Or, would you rather have the walls a warm color such as chocolate or dark gray? Warm colors when used correctly wrap around you like a cocoon.

Also, determine if you will change the flooring. Will you have wall to wall carpet? Or, do you prefer hardwood flooring? In the past most bedrooms had carpet but now the trend is moving toward hardwood flooring.

You will need to determine if you will be purchasing new furniture for your master bedroom. I love upholstered  headboards in a master suite! Especially with nailhead trim. Upholstered headboards add a touch of elegance and come in all price ranges. Also, keep in mind that nightstands do not have to match. It is perfectly fine to have two different nightstands; just keep them at the same height. While we are talking about the bed, now is a good time to consider bedding. Will it be custom or retail? There is a good selection of nice bedding that can be found in retail stores for a variety of prices.

Window treatments should also be a consideration. Do you have blinds or shutters on the windows? How much light comes in? Would drapery panels or a valence add a touch of elegance?

Lighting is also an important consideration. I love the look of secondary lighting-lamps, wall sconces, etc. They add warmth to the room.

Last, consider adding accessories such as a mirror or pictures. If you have a collection of something, is there a way to incorporate it into your new master suite?

So, when creating a new master bedroom, take these things into consideration before you begin. And, when in doubt, hire an interior designer to help you through the process.