Kitchen Renovations 101

Remodeling a Kitchen The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where, for most of us, we spend a good deal of time cooking, gathering with family and friends, and making memories. So, we want a kitchen that is as efficient, comfortable and as beautiful as possible. Kitchen remodels are quite common today if you live in an older home or you just want to bring it into the 21st century. Kitchen remodels can be overwhelming but they do not have to be. You do, however, need to consider several things before you begin.

Budget The first thing to consider will be your budget. How much do you have to spend to make the kitchen of your dreams? This will determine whether you can choose custom or stock cabinets or whether you should just have your current cabinets refaced. It will also affect the type of countertops and the type of appliances you will have. Careful consideration and a realistic approach should always be given to any remodel that you are considering.

Layout It is imperative that you consider the layout of your kitchen. Hopefully, you will not need to change the footprint of your kitchen but in some cases to make it more efficient this may need to happen. To be efficient, a kitchen should have a triangular layout. What does that mean? Well, it means that the sink, stove and refrigerator should be 12-23 feet in a straight line distance from each other forming a visual triangle. This makes for good flow and easy movement around your kitchen when cooking.

Cabinets Cabinets come in all varieties. Custom cabinets can be made specifically for your kitchen in most any type of finish. These are expensive but beautiful. If this is not within your budget then there are many companies that carry stock cabinets. You will find that these are less expensive and will hold up and serve their purpose well. If the current cabinets in your kitchen are in good shape then I would suggest simply refacing them. Refacing is a wonderful way to change the look of your current cabinets at about half the expense of purchasing new ones. A variety of finishes is possible.

Countertops You can spend a great deal of money on countertops for your kitchen. Today many people put granite countertops in their kitchen. Granite is a wonderful choice. It comes in a variety of styles and colors and is quite durable. Marble has also become quite popular these days. It is a beautiful choice but a more expensive one. Marble also tends to stain more easily than granite. You can also find silestone, quartz and even concrete countertops available today. The choice is yours. Consider the look you want as well as how much you would like to spend plus the durability you are looking for.

Appliances Appliances are a large investment. There is a wide range to choose from these days. If you are looking for top of the line appliances you might want to consider Thermador, Wolf or even Viking. If your budget does not allow for appliances of this type there are plenty of others out there that will serve the purpose and last almost as long. Kenmore, Whirlpool and GE are just a few. When purchasing appliances I would encourage you to consider how much entertaining you will do and whether the investment in higher end appliances is worth the price to you. It is a personal decision. There is no right or wrong answer. Be comfortable with your choice. Good appliances should last you about 20 years.

Other Considerations As you begin to plan for your kitchen renovation there are several other things that you may want to consider as well. For example, will you paint the walls or put up wallpaper? Do you need new lighting? Will it be recessed or pendant? Or a combination of both? And don’t forget the sink and faucet. Once you have taken all these things into consideration you are ready to begin. There are numerous resources available to help you design your dream kitchen. Take the time to check out several different stores when shopping for things and don’t hesitate to ask questions.


Kitchen designed by Phoebe Howard.

Kitchen designed by Phoebe Howard.

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